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Thinking about Civil Conflict Comparatively

As the Libyan civil conflict (or revolution if you prefer) continues, observers continue to struggle to make sense of the divisions within Libyan society.  Libyan and North African specialists obviously have much to contribute to analyzing this conflict, but considering … Continue reading

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Academic Freedom Under Attack in Wisconsin

Noted environmental historian William Cronon is facing retaliation by politicians in Wisconsin who are using an Open Records Act request in an attempt to view Cronon’s personal and professional e-mails.  This effort is a gross abuse of the freedom of … Continue reading

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Outside the Law: A Film on the Algerian War

Outside the Law, a recent film by Rachid Bouchareb, revisits the Algerian War of the 1940s and 1950s. Students in HIST 390 History and Film: War in Film may be interested in this film, since we will be watching the … Continue reading

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Historian William Cronon on the Labor Crisis in Wisconsin

William Cronon, a prominent environmental historian at the University of Wisconsin, offers a historical perspective on the ongoing labor crisis in Wisconsin. In an op-ed in the New York Times, Cronon heavily criticizes the state legislation (currently blocked by a … Continue reading

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Corporations Pay No Taxes

As we near the 2011 tax deadline, taxation is on many Americans’ minds.  As citizens prepare their tax reports, it is important to remember that many corporations pay no taxes.  Many major U.S.-based corporations actually have so many tax breaks … Continue reading

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Robert Darnton on the Google Books Settlement

French historian Robert Darnton, who is Director of the Harvard University Library, assesses this week’s court decision throwing out the Google Books settlement in an op-ed in the New York Times. Darnton’s expertise on the history of the book and … Continue reading

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Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire

The 100th anniversary of the Triangle Factory Fire disaster in New York is tomorrow.  On 25 March 1911, 146 workers were killed at the Triangle Waist Company in Manhattan.  The tragedy led to new rules for workplace safety. NPR offers … Continue reading

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