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France’s New Role in North Africa

France has played a prominent diplomatic and military role in the revolutions and civil conflicts in the Arab world this year. President Sarkozy intervened early in the Libyan Civil War, supporting the rebel groups opposing Qaddafi in Libya. France has … Continue reading

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DNA Evidence of the Black Death

The Black Death is back in the news. Several teams of scientists have been working over the past decade to extract DNA evidence from bodies of victims of the Black Death in fourteenth-century Europe. The latest findings confirm several other … Continue reading

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Historical Research and Human Subjects

Academic researchers who work on human subjects are required to request authorization from boards that review research methods for potential ethical violations. The goal is to ensure that human subjects in research studies (especially medical experiments, drug trials, and psychological … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Civil Conflict

For decades, historians have examined evidence of correlations between climate change and civil conflict. Bad weather and sustained droughts have often been seen as causes of  peasant revolts and revolutions, such as the French Revolution of 1789, yet these arguments … Continue reading

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Today’s College Freshmen

Welcome to the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year as summer ends and classes begin again. Each fall semester, Beloit College publishes “The Mindset List,” a humorous attempt to capture the attitudes and experiences of incoming college freshmen students. Here … Continue reading

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A Publishing Revival

Publishers have been complaining for years of a publishing crisis, while pundits portend the end of the physical book.  The financial crisis of 2008 fueled increased apocalyptic fears among many writers and editors, which were later heightened by the bankruptcy … Continue reading

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Devotion, Discipline, Reform: Conference at the Newberry Library

September 15 – 17, 2011 Devotion, Discipline, Reform: Sources for the Study of Religion, 1450-1640 A Conference in Honor of Sister Ann Ida Gannon, BVM The Newberry Library, Chicago Printable flier: Speakers include: Gregory R. Crane, Classics and … Continue reading

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