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The “American Century” is Over

Professor Andrew J. Bacevich of Boston University has become one of the strongest critical voices in military history and strategic studies today. Bacevich is known for his work on American militarism and his criticism of United States military strategy in … Continue reading

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Ready for a Napoleonic theme park?  Here comes Napoleonland…. Yves Jago, a French politician in the Parti Radical, is proposing a project to build a historical theme park to celebrate the life and legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte.  The theme park … Continue reading

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Wikipedia’s Useless Knowledge

Wikipedia has become the ubiquitous source of information for millions of users worldwide.  High school and university students rely on Wikipedia for basic information and evidence and for their own research and writing. Indeed, many students engage in cut-and-paste plagiarism, … Continue reading

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Religious Change and Religious Violence

The dramatic growth of Christianity in the “global south” and in Asia has created religious tensions and contributed to conflicts in a number of nations, including Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, and China. The Christian population of sub-Saharan Africa has ballooned from … Continue reading

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Americans’ (Politicized) Ideas of Europe

Americans hold many preconceived notions about Europe and Europeans, often based on movies and tourism. During U.S. election cycles, American politicians frequently play on American stereotypes about Europe to score points against their rivals. Martin Klingst, a German journalist based … Continue reading

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