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Restrictions on Academic Speech

Universities normally tout their star professors, celebrating each newspaper op-ed or magazine article that showcases new scholarship and highlights the value of their institutions.  The marketing arms of universities effectively use faculty members’ media publications and appearances to advertise their … Continue reading

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American Women in France

Study abroad programs have fundamentally transformed American higher education and presented new opportunities for thousands of students. Often forgotten is how crucial study abroad programs have been for female students from the United States.  A new article by Alice Kaplan, … Continue reading

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World War II in Soviet Film

Soviet filmmakers portrayed the Great Patriotic War (or World War II) in numerous films produced from the 1940s to 1980s. The AHA Perspectives provides an assessment of one of the last of the Soviet films about World War II, Elem … Continue reading

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Body Counts and Human Rights

Body counts seem morbid, conjuring up grim memories of the horrifying language of the Vietnam War.  Yet, body counts have become key aspects of human rights law and efforts to prosecute individuals accused of war crimes. A recent article by … Continue reading

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