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Cultural History of Violence

The cultural history of violence is finally being recognized as a major scholarly field. A sign of the growing prominence of violence studies is the recent announcement of the Penn Humanities Forum’s theme for 2013-2014 on Violence. The Penn Humanities … Continue reading

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Digital Mapping of Archival Materials

One of the biggest challenges of historical and humanities research is locating relevant documentary evidence. For scholars working with archival documents, this often means searching inventories and catalogues of many different archives—sometimes across several countries or even continents. Archival inventories … Continue reading

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GI Film Festival

The GI Film Festival will be held in Washington, DC next week, providing a venue for new war films.  The festival focuses especially on films presenting American soldiers’ perspectives on current and past wars.  Many of the films shown are … Continue reading

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Basque Nationalism

Basque nationalists have been seeking political recognition and cultural autonomy within France and Spain for decades.  Basque nationalist organizations, such as the ETA, have long sought outright independence through separatist violence, which has often been condemned as “terrorism” by the … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking in Europe

The European history of migration has yet to be written, but the European Union has undoubtedly created a new chapter in this complex history.  The Schengen Agreement has facilitated the free movement of peoples across borders between EU member nations … Continue reading

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Violence and Non-Violence in the Palestinian Conflict

Violence and non-violence have both been employed in the Palestianian conflict throughout all of the phases of the Palestinian struggle for national formation. WBEZ’s Worldview interviews Wendy Pearlman, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University and author of Violence, … Continue reading

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Anne Boleyn in Film

Anne Boleyn, and the Tudor English society that she lived in, continues to fascinate filmmakers and cinema audiences worldwide. Anne was a key character in many historical films during the golden age of Hollywood. Films and television series on the … Continue reading

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