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First-Person War on Film

Warfare is now filmed by participants and observers with an intimacy and immediacy never before possible. Soldiers, journalists, and civilians in the Iraq War, Afghan War, Syrian Civil War, and other current conflicts are able to use micro digital cameras … Continue reading

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French Art History in Chicago

Chicago has become a real center for French art history. Chicago-based art historians have made a mark with their research on French art and culture. Rebecca Zorach, Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Chicago, has become one … Continue reading

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Poop Patrol in Paris

Having recently returned from a research trip to Paris, I couldn’t resist sharing this post on the poop patrol in Paris! OK, so poop patrol is my own term, but the patrolling does really exist. NPR‘s Eleanor Beardsley reports on … Continue reading

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Multicultural European History

Europe has a long history of immigration and cultural mixing that has often been obscured by nationalist historical writing from the nineteenth century to today.  Although historical definitions of Europe have often cast “Europeans” as white, this racial description has … Continue reading

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US Women in Combat

The Department of Defense has announced that it will lift the ban on women serving in combat positions in the United States military. The move in some ways confirms the already-existing situation in the Iraq War and Afghan War over … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is both Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration. So, it seems the ideal time to reassess the historical legacy of MLK.  The History News Network regroups a series of articles and essays on Martin Luther … Continue reading

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Astronomy and Climate History

A new study by a team of astronomers suggests that a powerful gamma-ray burst hit the earth in the year 774 or 775. The impact of this eighth-century burst, which apparently stemmed from a collision of two neutron stars, was … Continue reading

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