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Atrocities in Vietnam

The United States military forces committed widespread atrocities during the Vietnam War, according to documents unearthed in the National Archives by journalist Nick Turse. The evidence of numerous mass killings of Vietnamese civilians reveals that the infamous My Lai Massacre … Continue reading

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Stephanie Coontz Lecture at NIU

Stephanie Coontz, a leading gender historian, will be presenting at Northern Illinois University today. Coontz will offer a  seminar on “How to Talk to the Media About Your Scholarship (and Get Them to Listen).” The seminar will be held in … Continue reading

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Betting on the New Pope

Pope Benedict XVI’s surprise announcement that he will resign and go into retirement stunned the Catholic world. Some Catholics have been protesting Benedict XVI’s decision, claiming that popes can never step down, while other believers have been flocking to the … Continue reading

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Renaissance Italian Bank in Trouble

Monte dei Paschi di Siena is in deep financial trouble. “To howls across Italy,” the New York Times reports, “the government has hastily arranged a €3.9 billion, or $5.1 billion, bailout. The widening scandal, which hit at a time of … Continue reading

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Anglocentric History in the United Kingdom

A controversy has erupted in the United Kingdom over new History curriculum proposals. Conservative politicians are pushing for new national curriculum that would emphasize certain aspects of British history. Many historians have criticized the new proposals as politically motivated attempts … Continue reading

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Stephanie Coontz on Gender Equality

Historian Stephanie Coontz published an important op-ed yesterday in the New York Times on “Why Gender Equality Stalled.” This op-ed is one of a series of new pieces celebrating or reassessing the 50th anniversary of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, … Continue reading

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High School Teaching and Incoming College Students

An American high school teacher has issued a stern warning to college and university professors: brace yourselves. Kenneth Bernstein—a recently retired high school teacher of government in the Washington, DC, area—paints a bleak portrait of the incoming college students who … Continue reading

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