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Dutch Royal Coronation

The Dutch people are getting a new monarch. Willem-Alexander is being crowned King of the Netherlands in elaborate coronation ceremonies today in Amsterdam. Queen Beatrix abdicated in favor of her son, Willem Alexander, ensuring the continuation of rule by the … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Seminar Workshop

The University of California at Santa Cruz will be hosting the Mediterranean Seminar’s Spring Symposium and Workshop this week on 2-4 May 2013. I am excited to be attending the Symposium and participating in the Workshop this year. I am … Continue reading

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The Cost of MOOCs

Lost in all the excitement about Massive Open Online Courses [MOOCs] is the cost of development, maintenance, and teaching the online courses. A number of universities and colleges have already partnered with edX, Coursera, and other MOOC provider companies. Many … Continue reading

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Political Violence in Italy

A Calabrian man attempted to shoot Italian politicians being sworn into office in Rome today. The gunman failed to reach politicians, but wounded several police officers before being apprehended. Italy has a long history of political turmoil related to ideological … Continue reading

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Early Modern Atlantic World: Slavery, Race, Governance

The Center for African American History at Northwestern University held a conference this weekend on “The Early Modern Atlantic World: Slavery, Race, Governance.” I was able to attend two sessions of the conference and heard some fascinating presentations by Kristin … Continue reading

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Faculty Governance and MOOCs

The faculty of Amherst College have voted to reject a proposal to join edX in providing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Professors across the United States can appreciate this rare instance of faculty empowerment that affirms the principle of faculty … Continue reading

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Graduate Student Research Revises Economic Advice

Graduate student research ideally develops new analysis and criticism by employing new evidence and/or new methods. Thomas Herndon, a graduate student in Economics at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, recently made a finding that has major significance for economic policies worldwide. … Continue reading

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