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Debate Over Guns on College Campuses

A growing area of the gun control debate concerns the presence of guns on college campuses. Many colleges and universities have long had bans on the possession of guns on their campuses, but pro-gun political action groups would like to … Continue reading

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Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Grants in Early Modern Iberian History

The CORPI Project (Conversion, Overlapping Religiosities, Polemics, and Interaction: Early Modern Iberia and Beyond) is currently recruiting doctoral and post-doctoral research fellows for 2013-14. The application deadline is 31 May 2013. The Project This project is concerned with questions of … Continue reading

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Archives and Gun Tracking

Historians use archives extensively in their research and are increasingly using digitized archives and other digital humanities resources. It is surprising, then, to discover that the United States government is still using low-tech archival methods to keep track of firearms … Continue reading

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Arcimboldo’s Four Seasons in New York

Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s Four Seasons paintings have been transformed  into massive sculptures and are on display in New York. Philip Haas, a filmmaker and artist, has created a series of sculptures based on Arcimboldo’s paintings. According to NPR, “this … Continue reading

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Teaching in English in France

A newly proposed law in France would encourage English-language instruction at universities in France. NPR asks “Will teaching in English at France’s universities undermine the French language? That’s up for debate in the country now, and the arguments are heated.” … Continue reading

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Santa Muerte and Violence in Mexico

The Vatican has launched a campaign to eradicate the cult of “Santa Muerte” (Saint Death) from Mexican Catholicism. Vatican officials have “condemned Saint Death as an ‘infernal’ and ‘blasphemous’ figure worshiped by Mexican narcos,” according to R. Andrew Chesnut, a … Continue reading

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Early Modern Historian’s Memoir

John H. Elliott, a noted historian of early modern Spain and its empire, has published a memoir of his career as a historian. His memoir is entitled History in the Making (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2012). Eliott is … Continue reading

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France Legalizes Gay Marriage

France has passed a law to allow gay marriages, becoming the ninth nation in Europe to legalize gay marriage. President Hollande signed the law today, 18 May, and the first legal marriages will be held on 28 May. The French … Continue reading

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Buddhists and Religious Violence in Myanmar

Buddhist monks have been involved in several waves of anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar, and certain Buddhist leaders are accused of motivating and orchestrating recent attacks. “In the Western stereotype, Buddhists are meditating pacifists who strive to keep their distance from … Continue reading

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Continuing Sectarian Violence in Iraq

Sectarian violence continues in Iraq between Sunni and Shia militants. Amid a series of bombings and attacks there are some signs of connections between sectarian violence in Syria and neighboring Iraq. Sectarian violence became pervasive in Baghdad and other regions … Continue reading

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