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Hitler’s House and Austrian Historical Memory

Hitler’s birthplace is stirring fresh controversy in Austria. Adolf Hitler was born in the small northern Austrian town of Braunau am Inn in 1889. Hitlers left Braunau am Inn when Adolf was only three years old, so his connection to … Continue reading

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Islamic Radicalism or Mental Instability?

A driver deliberately drove his car into pedestrians in Dijon, France, injuring at least eleven people. The driver aggressively swerved into pedestrians at five different locations in the city on the evening of Sunday 21 December. Witnesses reported that the … Continue reading

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Norton Anthology of World Religions Reviewed

Originally posted on Center for the Study of Religious Violence:
Karen Armstrong reviews The Norton Anthology of World Religions in the New York Times. “At a time when religious faith is coming under intense scrutiny, The Norton Anthology of World…

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Torture and Secrecy

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tortured detainees.  CIA agents and interrogators used a variety of brutal and inhumane methods to torture terrorism suspects during repeated coercive interrogations. Those are the findings of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s Committee … Continue reading

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Digital Mapping of Shipwrecks

The City of Rio de Janeiro has been located near the Golden Gate into San Francisco Bay. NOAA researchers recently utilized sonor mapping techniques to survey the ocean floor around the entry to the San Francisco Bay, finding the site … Continue reading

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History of Globalization

The history of globalization is “hot,” having emerged as a major field of historical studies since the 1990s. “Why is globalization ‘hot’ now and what does it portend for the study of history?” asks Lynn Hunt, Professor of History at UCLA … Continue reading

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Bans on Atheists in Public Office

Originally posted on Center for the Study of Religious Violence:
More than 50 years after the United States Supreme Court ruled that states could not use a “religious test” for officials, bans on atheists serving in public office remain in…

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