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Suffragettes: Women, Politics, and Violence

Physical violence is often assumed to be a properly—or even exclusively—masculine domain. Yet, women have at times played very active roles in exercising physical violence. In the early twentieth century, some Suffragette activists carried out violent attacks in England as … Continue reading

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History Wars Continue

In the 1990s, one theater of the “Culture Wars” became dubbed the “History Wars,” as politicians and political interest groups attempted to influence or control the presentation of historical events and developments in high school textbooks, college curricula, and museum … Continue reading

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The Thank You for Your Service Phenomenon

Some United States veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are speaking out about the “thank you for your service phenomenon.” “Who doesn’t want to be thanked for their military service? Many people, it turns out,” according to a New … Continue reading

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French Paleography Seminar

The Newberry Library is offering a seminar in French paleography. The Newberry’s announcement is reposted below: Application deadline: March 1 Mellon Summer Institute in French Paleography June 22 to July 16, 2015, at the Newberry Library, Chicago Led by Marc … Continue reading

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War Diaries and Digital Humanities

The growing pace of archival digitization is creating tensions in communities of researchers and archivists. Digital Humanities projects hold great promise, but also substantial risks for today’s researchers and for future generations of scholars. Andrew Hoskins (Interdisciplinary Research Professor at … Continue reading

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Masters in Social Sciences

The University of Chicago’s M.A. Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS) is seeking applicants. Note that the University of Chicago includes History in its Social Sciences division, so this announcement may interest History majors and minors at Northern Illinois University. … Continue reading

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On Brutality and Executions

Lynchings of African-Americans have been in the news over the past week, since President Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast (see my previous post) produced a sustained media discussion of brutality and executions. Now, the New York Times reports … Continue reading

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