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Renaissance Map Forgery

The auction house Christie’s has withdrawn an allegedly forged Renaissance map from its auction listings after scholars and map dealers questioned its authenticity. The map is a print of Martin Waldseemüller’s famous 1507 world map, one of the first to … Continue reading

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Ken Burns Defends the Humanities

Historical filmmaker Ken Burns delivered the Jefferson Lecture at the National Endowment for the Humanities on 9 May 2016. Inside Higher Ed reports that “Ken Burns, the documentary maker who brought the Civil War, the histories of baseball and jazz, … Continue reading

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President Obama to Visit Hiroshima

The Washington Post reports that President Obama will visit Hiroshima, Japan. This would be a historic visit, since Obama would be the first United States President to visit Hiroshima during his administration. “President Obama will make a historic trip this … Continue reading

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Révoltes et révolutions à l’écran

I am happy to announce that a new edited volume has been published on Révoltes et révolutions à l’écran. Europe moderne, XVIe-XVIIIe siècle (Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2015). My chapter, entitled “Les révoltes nobiliaires et les histoires confessionnelles : représentations … Continue reading

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Digital Humanities and ConverStations

A conference on Digital Humanities Experiments was recently  held in Paris on 11-12 June 2015 at the Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris (DHIP), or Instistut Historique Allemand. The conference was jointly sponsored by the European Science Foundation – Scientific Review Group … Continue reading

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History Wars Continue

In the 1990s, one theater of the “Culture Wars” became dubbed the “History Wars,” as politicians and political interest groups attempted to influence or control the presentation of historical events and developments in high school textbooks, college curricula, and museum … Continue reading

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War Diaries and Digital Humanities

The growing pace of archival digitization is creating tensions in communities of researchers and archivists. Digital Humanities projects hold great promise, but also substantial risks for today’s researchers and for future generations of scholars. Andrew Hoskins (Interdisciplinary Research Professor at … Continue reading

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