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Containing Coronavirus in Brussels

I have been conducting archival research in Belgium as a Fulbright Research Scholar and collaborating with colleagues at the Université Catholique de Louvain this semester, but the coronavirus pandemic has intervened and disrupted our plans. Belgians had been following the … Continue reading

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Warburg Institute Saved by Court Ruling

The famed Warburg Institute in London has been saved by an English court ruling. According to a press release by the Warburg Institute: “To the benefit and relief of scholars worldwide, the High Court has rejected the University of London’s … Continue reading

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New Findings on the Black Death

Recent DNA research on plague victims has led to new findings on the Black Death, published yesterday at the Lancet online. According to the BBC, “A team has compared the genomes of the Justinian Plague and the Black Death to … Continue reading

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New Research on the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is often touted as one of the world’s healthiest and most nutritious diets. Researchers recently released the results from a new study of the Mediterranean Diet. “A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds … Continue reading

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War and Disease

Disease almost always accompanies warfare. Historians of the European Wars of Religion, the Napoleonic Wars, and the First World War have studied the connections between warfare and epidemic disease in great detail. The Syrian Civil War is now producing a … Continue reading

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The Mental Health Benefits of Reading

Reading is often seen as an educational pursuit and an enjoyable habit. Now, neurological research suggests that reading has demonstrable benefits for mental health. A recent neurological study of 294 people found that “reading books, writing and engaging in other … Continue reading

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Recreating Early Modern Medicinal Gardens

The New York Botanical Garden has recreated a sixteenth-century medicinal garden as part of its exhibit on Wild Medicine: Healing Plants Around the World. The medicinal garden is patterned on the botanical garden that was created in 1545 for the … Continue reading

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